During this holy month i will not be posting detailed outfit pictures. I want to use this month to feed my soul. I want to purify myself and become closer to Allah.

Every year, many of us get caught up in the food-related aspect of Ramadan. In fact, it quickly becomes all we think about. Some of us even think that by just fasting and maybe praying five times a day that we are fulfilling the requirements of this holy month of Ramadan. I am really not here to preach because i am in no shaper form perfect, but i beg to differ: Ramadan is not about the food and doing the bare minimum. Yes, we abstain from eating and drinking (among other things) from the time of suhoor to iftar, but the purpose of that is so we focus on other things. So that we focus on Dhikr(the remembrance of Allah), so that we remember about doing good deeds and so that we purify our soul.

Consider as reminder an important statement of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him), when he said, “Don’t let the day of fasting be the same as the day you don’t fast.” We must work on our behaviour and attitude during this holy month because if our behaviour and attitude are the same whether we are fasting or not fasting then we must reconsider our ways, for Ramadan is not like any other month.

Let us take advantage of the blessings in Ramadan before they disappear because the blessings in Ramadan that Allah has promised us are tremendous. For starters, we are promised tremendous reward for simply fasting during this holy month, but that doesn’t include all the other blessings. We gain Taqwa, We draw closer to Allah, We acquire patience and strong will, We recognize that one can change for the better, and much more. So whether it’s by making Duas, reading the Quran everyday, remembering Allah, or simply doing charity work we must make good use of these days and take advantage of the countless blessings. We must remember the true importance and meaning of this holy month of Ramadan

I will be sharing my thoughts with you during this holy month and i would love it if you could please join me every friday so we can talk. For starters, how are you planning on taking a break from the concerns of this world and working towards your akirah?


  1. Wonderful post. Mash’Allah!

  2. Cheikh Bass

    This post is very inspiring and I enjoy the fact that some of us understand that this month is not only about fasting for several hours.
    To answer your questions, I’m planning to focus on the ibadats that I don’t really handle such as read the Quran fluently or learn the meaning of each Surat that I’ve already memorized. I will also keep my day busy learning new duas, watching stories about the prophets, where you can find a lot of lessons to live your life according to the book of Allah.
    I hope that we can all do the best to please our Lord and get his forgiveness before the end of this bless month!
    Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you 🙂 Watching stories about the Prophet Muhammad(Peace and blessings be upon him), is a really good idea. Would you mind sharing with me the link of the videos you do find? You can send it to me by email please hawitalove@hawitalove.com

      InshAllah! May Allah guide us all and make this month a blessed one for all of us. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family too and i hope that you continue to come back to my blog and that you continue to partake in the weekly discussions(sharing of ideas).

      1. Cheikh Bass

        🙂 I already sent you the email about the stories of the prophets so please let me know if you received it.

        No doubt I will in cha Allah, thank you.

  3. Fatoumata Kaba

    Very good post Hawita! I am so glad you wrote something about Ramadan because truth be told we usually forget about so many things during ramadan because we usually draw all of our attentions toward the fasting part while we don’t work on the other aspects of doing good deeds, trying to be closer to Allah! Not to lie this post even helped me right now remember that fasting isn’t the only thing during Ramadan. I thank you for that. As humans we normally forget or neglect things, therefore a great reminder is always a good idea. I am very blown away & astonished by this post!

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      You welcome 🙂 We are all on this journey together and oh boy yes,reminder is often needed. I am glad this post served as a reminder for you even if small. By the way, if you ever come accross any good read please do share it here during the weekly discussions throughout this sacred month. Stay blessed 🙂

  4. hawa diare

    On this sacred month, not every youth takes into consideration the sacredness of Ramadan. Being young, smart, beautiful and a believer makes you a wonderful Muslim sister. May Allah continue guiding you towards the light. The best is yet to come Inchallah

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you, that was very nice of you 🙂 May Allah also continue to guide you towards the light. I hope that this Ramadan drive us all Closer to Allah! Ameen

  5. Saran

    this post is really vibrating positivity, love it!!

    One way I plan to work towards my akirah this month is by using the time I spend on the web to do less of the things I normally do (ie: social media, online shopping, music, etc.) and instead learn more about my deen. There’s so much to be learned and it definitely can’t all be done in a single month, but I think designating a few hours each day to learning anything at all about Islam will inshallah result in a considerable amount of knowledge gained by the end of the month. And of most importantly, I hope that I, and each of us continues the good habits we adapt to in this holy month…that’s what it’s all about!

    (SIDE NOTE: I’m no science student but I love reading keep stumbling on articles that say it only takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so it’s VERY possible for each of us to continue to be close to Allah and practice good deeds even after the month of Ramadan)! Let that be part of the motivation, may Allah make it easier for us 🙂

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you! Oh that is a very good initiative, I am cutting down on online shopping myself and instead using the time I used to spend surfing the web to read Suras and Hadiths. Could you please share with me any good reads that you come accross? I would really appreciate it. I think the beauty of Ramadan and Islam in general is that it really creates a beautiful unity between all of us believers and I hope that every week we get to unite here on the blog to share ideas, tips and more to help us all in our journey of self improvement. Oh yea? Well InshAllah we develop good habits this Ramadan. Jumma Mubarack:)

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