Hello Loves, Finally started a blog….Ottawa Style Blogger

My name is Hawa Eva Kaba. I am a Guinean(Guinea, Conakry) currently living in Ottawa, Canada. Welcome to my personal style diary that will feature my day-to-day looks sprinkled with some health and beauty tips.

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My personal style? Hummm Chic, sexy, classic are a few words that come to mind when describing my style, but I really love exploring all styles. I believe that the best style is the style that helps you show off your confidence. If you are happy with your beauty, look and body, you are going to feel as fashionable as possible, which is why I’ve dedicated sections of my blog to health and beauty. I hope that through my blog, I can help people feel sexy and confident in their own skin – flaws and all – because I see style and fashion as a personality and emotional outlet. I live in the moment and that is reflected in my style and in my outlook on life. I am inspired by the people I meet and the structures found in the environment surrounding me (you can thank the engineer in me). I love details, structures, trying new things, traveling, and of course FOOD.

My hope for hawitalove, is that it becomes a community where we can talk to each other, as well as help and inspire one another. Thank you all for taking time out of your life to receive your daily dose of HawitaLove, “Everything Hawita from style to beauty”. Please do comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say and what you want to see here on the blog.


  1. Fatima Kaba

    I absolutely love it and it’s a great first step looking forward on following up on this, also you could link your blog to Pinterest that’s where i get most of my beauty tips from and most of the people i follow have a blog where everything is described on …love you babe and keep up the good work

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you babe! I really appreciate the support. I do have a Pinterest account. If you click on the “P” at the top right of my page, it will take you to my Pinterest. 🙂 bisous

  2. Fatoumata Kaba

    May God guide you Hawita <3

  3. Nanette

    Ça aidera beaucoup! Merci Hawita

  4. Bonne idee cherie et bonne chance..

  5. vraiment bonne idees cherie..

  6. Fathmé

    Joli blog 🙂

  7. Carol

    bravo Hawa on attend plus d’articles bisou

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Merci Carol. Bisous

  8. I just love it sis ❤️

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Merci Aisha. bisous

  9. Sona

    This is incredible. Your ideas are very broad and I’m pretty sure that you will narrow down as you go on.

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you Sona for supporting. I meant for it to be a little broad because i wanted to share with you everything from my personal style,beauty, what i am eating to where my life takes me. Welcome Xxx

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you 🙂

  10. madelina

    J’aime beaucoup l’idée ! Moi perso, j’aimerai que tu parle de soin capillaire et ceux du corps aussi. Surtout côté maquillage vu que je suis hyper nul sur ce point :p allez bisou. J’aten ton prochain post !

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Bonne idee!! Merci Madelina bisous

  11. fatoumata kaba

    Belle initiative Hawita. Ton style te va bien T’es bottes son Nice

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Merci cherie

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