Sincerely Hawita,

It has been a while since I last blogged. To be quite honest, I’ve been a little confused about a lot of things. Don’t want to bore you guys with the details but let me attempt to explain just a little bit because I feel like I owe you guys an explanation.

 For a while now I’ve been struggling with the idea of blogging. I am assuming we are all friends here (even though we are in the beginning stage of our relationship and we had somewhat broken up and you have all forgotten about me) but I think I can relax and open up to you guys. I have this dream of starting many businesses ranging from running the family construction company along with my siblings, to being a business mogul, to having my own charity organization (by the grace of Allah). The thing that kept troubling me was that maybe if I kept posting outfit pictures and what not, then in the future it might interfere with my plans. Please forgive me because I’m confused and I don’t even know what I mean by ‘interfere’, but bear with me while I try to explain. Being from Africa, specifically a Guinean background, it is definitely a man’s world…I won’t get into all of those details but basically for a women to blog about things like style, health etc. is not very understood in my culture; I would even go as far as to say that some might see it as a stupid and pointless thing to do.  So I was scared that maybe blogging is just a waste of time if the people that I really wanted to bring awareness to aren’t the slightest bit interested. But after talking to a few of my friends and family members, I have found the solution to my dilemma. Blogging makes me happy. Helping you makes me happy and hopefully reading my posts makes you happy too so, I will continue blogging BUT I will change the focus of my blog posts. From now on, I want to blog in the direction of my goals. I know it might sound silly because you might say that it is what I was supposed to do from the beginning but obviously you have to understand that 99% of bloggers have no clue what they are doing at the beginning. I love fashion as much as I love construction. Actually I decided to study civil engineering back when I was just 10 years old because I am a strong believer that infrastructure leads to development which in turn will really help my country. Don’t laugh just think about it. But we will keep that topic for another time. 

Okay back to what I was saying: I want to bring together three fields that can prove to be quite opposed [engineering, fashion and business]. I love helping and helping I shall continue doing in every way possible from road and house construction to helping someone regain their confidence through finding their own personal style to just inspiring through my writing. Anything goes lol. 

 So from now on, you can think of my blog as my portfolio or my resume. I want it to reflect my views, All of it. Well maybe not all because trust me you guys are not ready for that lol. But seriously though, I will be posting creative inspirational posts in an attempt to engage you. My ultimate goal is for you to find yourself somewhere in my posts. Or maybe even find inspirations, answers, solutions that you can really apply to your life. But for this all to work I want you all to do one thing for me: please engage with me. All relationships are two-way streets and this one is no different. For it to work you have to meet me halfway. I promise I don’t bite. So just let me know if you like my plan and what you would suggest I incorporate in my future blog posts. 

Sincerely, Hawitalove


  1. Amara chibuzor

    Its already beautiful that as a young woman you want to make some good things out of your live. And sincerely i love the fact you are cxombinin fashion construction and engineering, it make it so broad and trust me i hope to stick and grow with you.

  2. First of all I want to say thank you for being so open and honest. Being from Trinidad I can definitely relate to people thinking creative professions are not as important as traditional ones. However, everyone has varying talents and gifts for a reason and you have to own yours. I think it’s crucial to remember why you’ve started your blog in the first place. That initial reason will keep you grounded and motivate you to keep going. As for merging blogging, business, and architecture. It may be easier to merge blogging and business since blogging is a business. You can also add another section to your blog dedicated to fashionable women in architecture or something along those lines. Tons of bloggers have jobs outside of blogging and find a way to merge the two. Don’t worry too much though. With time you’ll know exactly what to do. Keep up the good work! ?

  3. Hoang Nguyen

    With all honesty. You must create and pave your own path. People will always have something to say and that’s okay, but as long as your confident and comfortable in what you do. You’ll find a way. Remember you’re responsible for your own happiness. Best of wishes to what you want to do in the future. I’m sure you’ll find a way to incorporate all three.

  4. Hello Hawita! I love your sincerity and the motivation you just gave me. I think we have a lot in common. I’m a cameroonian blogger ( ) and student in civil engineering (yeah…really!). My ambition is to inspire and motivate people to give the best of themself and seek the positive side even in the worst situations of life. Like in your case, I often go through the misunderstanding of my friends and familly about blogging. But I think that when the ambition is stronger than the opinions, nothing can stop us.
    I appreciate your decision to inspire people. The world need more people like us 😉 Keep on and take care!

  5. mabay_diamond

    Fashion and business go hand-in-hand these days, there is a business side to fashion. This is inspiring, seeing women dream big daring to break barriers regardless ‘cultural restraint’. Well done!

  6. FK

    I’m glad you are back, your instagram pictures are popping, I love you Hawa

  7. Roxy

    Hawita- It’s refreshing to read something so raw- open and honest. I do not know you but already am impressed at what you have shared are your goals and aspirations and the path of learning that you are on.
    For myself -a woman entrepreneur for the past 5 years and in business for the past 18 years- I want to encourage and support other women around the world like yourself following your dreams and making a difference through their passion, voice, art and words.

  8. I think your decision shows that you are open to change, which is necessary to grow. Congratulations on zeroing in on your goals!

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank You Sakeena. To evolve change is necessary right? 🙂

  9. I really appreciate your decision it is not easy to give up his vocation his youthful dreams and plans for the future to undertake a quest noble and just. grarifiant and it’s very honorable of belonging to or collaborating with a woman as conscious as you. I would not do that engage with you I am dedicated to this noble cause for my country for my nation poura Guinea and its development. God grows each day the desire to perfect our company and gives us the strength to succeed where others have fail failed the amine

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you for the kind words Mohamed. Inshallah we will all be able to accomplish our goals.

  10. I engage with you and i devote all myself to make Guinee in process

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