How To Diet The Right Way?

I have been obsessed with health for as long as I can remember. I was always super skinny growing up, so people often wonder why the obsession with health. Well, when I used to live in Guinea, I really did not care, but when I moved to the United States at a young age I found myself worrying about the number on the scale a lot more.

I remember that every time someone would tell me: “Oh Hawa … What are you? 90 pounds?”, I would take their comment – which some would call a compliment – as a cue that I should lose 10 pounds since I was not really 90 pounds, but rather 100 pounds. Blame maturity and delusions for my irrational understanding lol. Looking back, I am really amused at the thought, because 100 pounds is still very skinny.

After high school, I continued to go on diets when I felt like I had gained weight. In 2012, I even spent $400 on the Advocare diet system that did not even work. It was then that I realized that the diet industry is a scam.

Personally, I really can’t diet long-term for one very simple reason: I like eating and enjoying life without feeling hungry and deprived all the time. When I was on diets, I did not feel like myself. I had to avoid a lot of foods and the foods that I could eat were not even delicious. Dieting did not seem like a long-term thing to me. Yes, I could go on diets for a few weeks, but never for more than a month, because I did not see dieting as a natural way of life.

If you are anything like me, then I hope my future posts on health will help you whether you are trying to lose weight, keep it off, or just striving to be healthy and beautiful from the inside out. How to diet the right way? Stop worrying about the numbers on the scale. I do not worry about the numbers on the scale. I do not even know how much I weight right now and I do not care.

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What are your thoughts on dieting? Do you find it hard to lose weight? When you lose weight do you gain it all back as soon as you stop dieting? Are you more concerned about being energetic and glowing from the inside out? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Ps: The next post will be about my favorite ways to stay full without eating excessively. Xoxoxo


  1. Usually, I don’t leave a remark, but you’re writing is great.

  2. Hadianna Balde

    Thank you hun i definitely will

  3. Hadianna Balde

    i can relate to the part of being super skinny and having everyone starring at u or simply giving u their opinions on how skinny u are when u dont even need it. I have to say that im not really happy with my body which might be bad to say but its the truth. And i have been trying to gain weight for as long as i can remember with zero results. But i’m now learning to appreciate my body the way i am
    So i just wanted to say that i think you are perfect the way you are and i would love to get some tips on how to gain or maintain a good and healthy weight.
    Good job !

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you Hadianna. I am glad you were able to relate to my post. I am sure you are a beautiful girl and it can take us time to fully be confident with our body. I, too find things on my body that i do not like but hey 🙂 the first step is focusing on the things that we do like. Please feel free to send me an email: if you have any specific concerns that you don’t feel like discussing publicly. I will be happy to help you love.

  4. Ashley

    Personnaly its the same for me. But i had to loose a lot of weight so i had to be on an extrem diet for 20 days. But now i eat what i want i just drink a LOT of water and now i can say im good

  5. Sona

    Like I said, this is incredible. you should link your blog to Pinterest, it will go across the country you live in and overseas.

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you love 🙂 !! My blog is already linked to all my other social medias. If you click on the various social media buttons at the top of the page it should take to the the desired social media page. Xoxo

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