How To Start Your Own Makeup Collection

I remember the days when I only had my one and only Maybelline mousse foundation: 1 black eyeliner, 1 mascara and 1 lipgloss – oh correction, lip balm. Times were hard okay!! I remember the 10$ foundation being so out of my price range when shopping at Walmart and I would always wait for my father to come visit so he could take me on a shopping spree at MAC! The good old times.

Disclaimer: I still use Maybelline makeup to this day but my collection has grown tremendously. For me, makeup is art and makeup is fun. I love collecting makeup, I love getting glammed up, I love playing with my makeup, I just love makeup dammit. But note, I am not a makeup artist by any means. What I know about makeup I taught myself and today I would like to share with you a little “how to start your own makeup collection” if you want to get started with makeup.

Wearing makeup does not mean you are ugly or insecure. I personally do not believe I am ugly and I have always prouded myself in being one of the most confident people I know; yet, look at me I love wearing makeup. As always you have to do things for you. Whatever you do in life do it because it makes you happy. Never forget that.

Okay enough of the preaching, let’s get this party started shall we?!


  1. In my opinion when starting off your collection, you will need 1 good liquid or cream foundation. Whether it be a drugstore foundation or a high end brand foundation, just make sure it really matches your skin undertone. The base is very crucial so make sure you do not play russian roulette when trying to find “the” shade that matches you. Go into the store, get as many sample as you can(they are free) and just try them out for a couple of weeks. Whichever matches your skin the best and makes you feel your best is the lucky winner. It will not be easy, you might have to try on tons of foundation but when you do find that one shade please never let go of it. Never!!9d7e9725556313413b6589ccb1795bc0-1

2.  Secondly, you need a good powder foundation. Powder foundation helps with setting the liquid foundation so that it does not move around. They can also be used on their own for a sheer makeup application. I have been using Mac studio fix for as long as I can remember. I really don’t even think about trying any other powder foundation because it is that good and it just does the job okerrr. Mac studio fix powder foundation is a full coverage foundation that can be used dry or wet, all  depending on your  personal preference.

Okay picture this. You have a beautiful yummy cake! The liquid foundation is that cake. But your cake is just bland, so you need to add on the icing. You really need to take your time with that icing. Like it’s a process, so you don’t want to rush it, and before you know it your cake is a chef-d’oeuvre. Well loves, in this story, your powder foundation is the icing. Powder foundations will give you that airbrushed finish that liquid foundation just can’t give you. Okay but now that you have the icing on top of your cake, you might think, but where is the cherry?? Mhhh yes the cherry, how could I forget. Every masterpiece has that one piece tying everything together. Well, that is where the translucent powder comes in. For now no need for us to elaborate on the translucent powder, but if you would like to know then please subscribe (*yes click on the red word*) to my channel and I will send you a short little video about it.

Again I highly recommend mac studio fix powder because you can never go wrong with this one.

Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder

Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder

3) Now that we have the base covered, lets move to the eyes. The window to the soul they say. Well they ain’t neva lied(*my ratchetness is starting to peep thru yall*) but yea for people to get that access, you will need one good ol’ black eyeliner. Back in the days I didn’t know how to do wing liner but it didn’t matter, I always had a black eyeliner in my itty bitty makeup bag that I would use to tightline. Tightlining brings the eyes to life and using black eyeliner on your water line will also open up them up and give you a more dramatic feline look. For day wear however, I would probably go for a dark brown liner since it would be less noticeable.

Ouuhhh I almost forgot the mascara! What? Shame on me. Yes you will need a mascara. Just any mascara will do really. No need to spend tons of money on one. Just go to your local drugstore and pick one up. Make sure to curl your lashes before applying your mascara. Curling your lashes will make them that much noticeable, Again if you would like me to do a post on how to make short lashes look longer then leave a comment under this post.


4) Last but not least, You need that blush girl! Yes you do.

Blush brings back dimension to the skin. After applying your foundation you will lose some of the natural contours of your face and applying some blush brings that back. You can choose different colours of blush depending on what you are trying to achieve and your skin tone. I use a bronzing blush because I live for the golden effect it gives my skin because ain’t nobody got time for highlighting and contouring on the daily. I use mac Raizin which is like a matte warm terracota but almost reddish brown blush perfect for all skin tone in my opinion (especially women of colour). For my darker chocolate girl I would opt for a hot pink blush. Don’t apply too much just a little bit on the apple of your cheeks and you shall see what a difference it will make on the overall appearance of your skin. Have you ever heard of glowing chocolate? Well blush will do that to you!


Mac Cosmetics Raizin

5) Lastly you need one lipstick. I would say go with a red lipstick since it will go with just about anything, but again you are the judge of your own preference. My mother always says ” Le gout ne se discute jamais” *Ahhhh mother is wise* which is french for “taste is not for discussion” so choose whatever colour you like and rock it. Check out this pretty amazing post by Dominique of, on choosing the right colour lipstick for your skin tone. But really the key is in choosing whatever colour you like. If you love it you are likely to rock it. *see what i did there?* lol


Goodluck with starting your collection. Better late than never and please let me know below if you found this post helpful. Go crazy with the questions as I do not mind answering. I know in this age in time getting into makeup can be overwhelming with the market being saturated with techniques and trends like highlighting, contouring, crazy brow tutorials that are updated every other day, but remember every story has a beginning. So take it slow. Master your base and in no time you will learn to appreciate makeup for the art that it is.


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    YASSSSSS to this post, i still have so much to learn urgh

  2. Dom

    Great post, Hawa! You should post about some of your fave makeup picks too. I would love to see your loves! xo

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