Green Goodness

Consuming smoothies nutritionally dense in Fiber and protein helps me stay fuller longer. I have to admit ever since i tried my first green smoothie, a few years back, i have been addicted.

Carrots. Boy Chok. Kale. Spirulina

Carrots. Bok Choy. Kale. Mint . Parsley

Green smoothies are so easy to make. I wake up everyday around 6, so i don’t really have time to eat breakfast. So for me, when i wake up i add the ingredients in my Nutribullet, add in water, blend and voilà. Easy and Convenient. To boost the benefits of my smoothies i usually add in some spirulina or chlorella. Make sure to always do your research before using any supplement.


Some benefits of green smoothies are:
1)Natural energy boosters
2)Helps you lose weight effortlessly and naturally
3)Boosts the immune system by keeping it functioning properly
4) Detoxifies for clear and glowing skin
5)Easy to make!!!! You can literally make it in less than 5 min

My Green Smoothies Recipes:
Minty Goodness:
Frozen pineapple – Spinach – Frozen mango – Mint- Coconut water
Choko- Mango:
Boy chok – Frozen mango- kiwi – frozen banana- carrot-water
Happy Parsley (Good Detox smoothie):
Kale – Parsley- Frozen mango- Frozen pineapple- Peach – Coconut water


Minty Goodness

Note, if you are a little scared of trying vegetables in your smoothie, then replace the water with apple juice. The apple juice does a good job at masking the taste of the leafy greens. But, once you are more comfortable, I would highly advise switching back to water or coconut water because sugary beverages contain a lot of refined sugar, which we are trying to avoid. Also please avoid adding too many fruits, so you can maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

So today, I dare you to try a green smoothie!!! Actually, I double dare you to. Okay i need to chill a little, but seriously just give it a try and let me know which one was your favourite in the comments below. Stay blessed loves

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  1. Thanks for being so helpful as a blogger and leader in the field.

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