A Fragile Beauty – Inspired by the Ephemeral Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

Have you ever seen a cherry blossom tree? Whether in person or in photo? It’s a beautiful, pink-flowering tree. In its native land of Japan, they call it Sakura. In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom tree symbolizes the fragility and beauty of life. The cherry blossom has a short life,blooming beautifully for couple weeks before suddenly dying. Oh, a sweet yet short  life. A reminder of the cycle of life. A reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that is also tragically ephemeral.


Look into my eyes, what do you see? Love? Innocence? Passion? Strength? Happiness? Do you see you? Do you see LIFE?


Photo Cred: Mike Giovinazzo

Life can sometimes be overwhelming with endless questions drowning our senses and no answers in sight. Sometimes, it can feel as though we are forever spinning.  Why can’t you achieve that goal you set for yourself a few months back? Why is it that the person you loved so much hurt you so badly? Why are you still struggling financially even though you work long hours? Why do you feel so unattractive even though you know you are unique? Then for a second you stop and forget all about Now. You flee the now, so you get lost. You get lost in your past. You wonder what went wrong?11140248_1429377080704608_1362525285584449758_n

When you are tired of roaming the streets of the past, then you flee to the future. You start planning things that you can only imagine. Yes, tomorrow I will start that project. Yes, tomorrow I will go running. Yes, tomorrow I will do that one thing that I just won’t do today. Yes, tomorrow when I have a lot of money I will be happier and I will fix all my low self-esteem issues. But then tomorrow comes, nothing. You do the same thing again. The cycle is never ending and you know deep down you will never find the fulfillment you long for.

Stop, take a long deep breath, close your eyes and focus on the sound of your heartbeat.


Photo Cred: Mike Giovinazzo

It is at that moment – that very transient moment – that you must realize that instead of worrying about yesterday (which will never happen again) and tomorrow (which may never come), you must worry about today. Now is the only Now you have. You must go running now, you must start that project now, you must get help now, you must stop comparing yourself to others now, because yesterday was the Now you neglected and Tomorrow will be the Now you forgot to envision.MG-Hawa_6109-Proof-s

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Photo Cred: Mike Giovinazzo


Photo Cred: Mike Giovinazzo

Smile, Laugh and Be free because you can’t change yesterday and you do not know what tomorrow will bring. But you have not, and it is the Now that you must cultivate.


  1. The whole post is so inpirational, the pictures , the message… loved it all !
    Mais encore why soo gorgeous ?! xx

  2. Fatoumata Kaba

    Starting from the pictures, to the music, to the message everything had me very inspired! Great work Hawita

  3. Clare

    That music is dope

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you love ^_^ It’s called Cherry Blossoms by Dereck Fiechter

  4. Adebola Shittu

    Wow that was great and truly motivational. You made my day 😉

  5. very inspirational – love the music and mood

    1. Hawa Eva Kaba

      Thank you Mike…I am thankful and happy that we were able to bring my idea to life. 🙂

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