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    Hello, Am back with a special surprise!! A giveaway that you really don’t want to miss Xo- Hawitalove

  • Sheer Panels In All The Right Places

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    Baring skin without baring any skin at all. What an intriguing paradox. I am always trying to unleash my inner lioness without losing my authority. In case you are confused by my silly ways, what i mean is that sometimes a little bit of skin is all that’s needed. You really do not have to… Read More

  • Summer Skincare Routine for A flawless face

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    During hot months, I am a big fan of clean, simple and fresh makeup. Sometimes I even prefer no makeup at all because I have oily skin and makeup slides right off my face when it’s really humid out. In any case, even minimal makeup applications start with

  • Green Goodness

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    Consuming smoothies nutritionally dense in Fiber and protein helps me stay fuller longer. I have to admit ever since i tried my first green smoothie, a few years back, i have been addicted.

  • How To Diet The Right Way?

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    I have been obsessed with health for as long as I can remember. I was always super skinny growing up, so people often wonder why the obsession with health. Well, when I used to live in Guinea I really did not care, but when I moved to the United States at a young age, I found myself worrying about the numbers on the scale a lot more.

  • Hello Loves, Finally started a blog….Ottawa Style Blogger

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    My name is Hawa Eva Kaba. I am a Guinean(Guinea, Conakry) currently living in Ottawa, Canada. Welcome to my personal style diary that will feature my day-to-day looks sprinkled with some health and beauty tips.