• Sincerely Hawita,

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    For a while now I’ve been struggling with the idea of blogging. I am assuming we are all friends here (even though we are in the beginning stage of our relationship and we had somewhat broken up and you have all forgotten about me) but I think I can relax and open up to you guys.

  • How To Start Your Own Makeup Collection

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    Wearing makeup does not mean you are ugly or insecure. I personally do not believe I am ugly and I have always prouded myself in being one of the most confident people I know; yet, look at me I love wearing makeup. As always you have to do things for you. Whatever you do in life do it because it makes you happy. Never forget that.
    Okey enough of the preaching, let’s get this party started shall we?!

  • DARE TO BARE- Plunging Laced Up Bodysuit

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    For me, femininity is to look effortlessly put-together, and what better way to do that than by pairing my laced up bodysuit with my body hugging midi skirt.


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    Hello, Am back with a special surprise!! A giveaway that you really don’t want to miss Xo- Hawitalove

  • Ramadan

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    During this holy month i will not be posting detailed outfit pictures. I want to use this month to feed my soul. I want to purify myself and become closer to Allah. Every year, many of us get caught up in the food-related aspect of Ramadan. In fact, it quickly becomes all we think about.… Read More

  • Yellow Dress and Tropical Print shoes

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    The thought of wearing yellow might be scary, but i think that there is a shade of yellow for everyone. So before you say heck no! No Mam- no Turkey- no Ham- not for me, I think you should give it a shot.

  • Sheer Panels In All The Right Places

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    Baring skin without baring any skin at all. What an intriguing paradox. I am always trying to unleash my inner lioness without losing my authority. In case you are confused by my silly ways, what i mean is that sometimes a little bit of skin is all that’s needed. You really do not have to… Read More

  • Summer Skincare Routine for A flawless face

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    During hot months, I am a big fan of clean, simple and fresh makeup. Sometimes I even prefer no makeup at all because I have oily skin and makeup slides right off my face when it’s really humid out. In any case, even minimal makeup applications start with

  • ONE CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH DENIM – Monotone With A Pop Of Color

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     Sir Mix-a-Lot (google the name if you don’t know who he is lol) might like big butts and tiny waists…but he isn’t the one trying to find jeans to fit them!